school facilities

Building Specifications
The Hagedorn Little Village School moved into a state-of-the-art 60,000 square foot facility in July, 2002.  The building was expanded to 77,000 square feet in January 2014.  Our building is wheel-chair accessible and air conditioned. Security is a priority for The Hagedorn Little Village School.  All entrance doors are locked. Employees wear identification badges which also grant them access electronically into the building.   Visitors can only gain access into the building by our receptionists at which time they must show identification and sign in. Video cameras monitor our hallways and the exterior of the building. This secure facility also offers a closed-circuit camera system in classrooms for parents and professionals to observe children unobtrusively.

A 23,400 square foot handicapped accessible playground was specifically designed with both safety and fun in mind.  The all-weather playground surface is soft and buoyant which helps prevent injury. There is an emergency phone available in the playground area to contact the school nurse if necessary. A secure fence surrounds the entire playground. Video cameras monitor the grounds. The playground area includes a handicapped accessible playscape that fosters gross motor development while encouraging imaginative play.  Surrounding the playground is a bike/scooter path.  Children also enjoy a fenced in lawn area specifically geared to organized sports activities. 

The Hagedorn Little Village School offers its students a full sized gymnasium. All equipment can be modified to meet each child's needs.  During physical education class students participate in various sports, i.e. basketball, T- ball, and other gross motor activities, such as challenging obstacle courses. An enclosed section of our gym houses a soft gym area where our students can safely explore and climb.

Sensory Gym
The sensory gym is located within the occupational and physical therapy treatment center. Sensory-motor modalities include a variety of equipment such as suspended swings, mobile apparatus and large climbing equipment.

Physical Therapy Centers
The two Physical Therapy Centesr have an extensive variety of equipment including the Walkable Gait Trainer System with treadmill, various designs of adaptive standers, walkers and bicycles and therapeutic exercise equipment such as balance training devices.

Audiological Suite
The school is equipped with two soundproof testing booths and state-of-the art equipment. Testing is performed by a pediatric audiologist in a sound field (without earphones) or with headphones to isolate separate ear responses.